Do you want to become an effective leader in your personal or professional life? Are you interested in building, growing or starting a lucrative and sustainable business?

You’re in the right place!

Connect with me for 1:1 Coaching Virtually via Zoom (Contact me for In-person Coaching)

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  • I offer 1HR-2HR coaching sessions on leadership and business. The coaching sessions will be based off your needs and address your main concerns. Here are a few options:

    • Create the life your want!

    • Gain insight on successful business strategies

    • Learn how to be an effective leader personally and professionally

    • Find the perfect niche for your business

    • Advice and assistance on how to reach your goals

    • Professional Career Coaching

    • Tips & Tricks on avoiding hurdles and system errors

    • Fulfill your leadership and business dreams

    • The Growth Mindset

    • Improve Essential Leadership Skills and Traits:

      • Communication

      • Delegation

      • Decision Making

      • Teamwork

      • Self-Awareness

  • One Year of Business Coaching! (Packages Available):

    • Accelerate Your Business: Analyzing aim, purpose and goals for your business, short-term and long-term goal setting, business planning, develop a strategic plan, budgeting, marketing strategies, effectively utilizing Social Media, implementing effective operational strategies, effective staffing models, review profit & loss, quality improvement strategies, problem solving and improving communication skills.

    • Start-Up Business: Enhance your business skills and competencies, Figure out legal structure, Register Domain Name, Register Business License (EIN and UBI if needed) Staffing Model, Website, Marketing strategies, effectively utilizing Social Media, Accounting/Bookkeeping needs, Business Planning, Operation Strategies, Creating aim, purpose, mission, vision, values for your business, plus other office requirements.