My name is Tina Le. I am an Individual and Group Leadership & Business Coach. I help professionals grow and sustain a lucrative business. As a transformational coach, I am intentional in guiding and teaching passionate and ambitious professionals the ropes. My lifelong goal is to share my knowledge and see other people WIN! Why waste your valuable time trying to decipher complex systems and solving puzzles on your own? Instead, spend your energy and time on building an empire with my guidance, assistance and continuous support!

My Professional Experience:

I have over 7 years of leadership and business management experience as well as experience in systems building and managing a million dollar company. In the past, I’ve managed various businesses including an extremely successful Vietnamese restaurant and currently a privately owned mental health clinic. I’ve written manuals, significant policies and created hundreds of business forms. Also, I have several years of experience in recruiting, hiring and training staff members.

My Credentials (Academic Details):

I earned my bachelor’s degree in health studies at the University of Washington. I’m currently in the Executive Master of Health Administration program at the George Washington University. I am certified in Bookkeeping and QuickBooks.


My Mission

My mission is to provide quality services, masterful coaching and life-changing strategy sessions.

Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.
— Alan Moore